Why an 800 Number?

Instant Credibility

Toll-Free numbers are easily recognized and give instant credibility for your business.

Brand Recall Ability

Customers will be able to easily remember and share your Toll-Free number.

Single Phone Number

Route calls to departments and/or branches with the auto attendant menu.

Increased Privacy

Share your Toll-Free number with customers and on marketing campaigns while keeping your personal phone number private.

Distinguishable Calls

You’ll see your own Toll-Free number on your screen when we forward a work call to you.

Super Affordable

No expensive equipment to buy, no setup fees, no contracts, no surprises: only a low monthly fee.


Unlimited Minutes

No surprises, no overcharges: unlimited minutes for receiving calls from US landlines and mobile phones:

Call Forwarding

No equipments needed: when someone calls your Toll-Free number, we forward the call to your cell, home or work phone.

Voice Mail

Super convenient: when a caller leaves a voice mail, we’ll send you an e-mail with the audio message attached.

Auto Attendant Menu

Greet callers with a custom menu that allows them to press a key on their keypad to be forwarded to a phone number of your choice.

Custom Greeting

We’ll record your auto attendant and voice mail greeting messages in English, Spanish or a mix of both.

Free Support

We will setup your Toll-Free number, provide advice and dismiss any questions that might come up.

Our Pricing

Small Business

The standard version


  • Free Setup
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voice Mail
  • Free Support
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Most popular choice


  • Free Setup
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voice Mail
  • Auto Attendant Menu
  • Custom Greeting
  • Free Support
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